Wednesday, September 12, 2012


Most of  you must be knowing that I moved to Kanpur this summer✈✈. It is quite boring here. The reason being that in my neighbourhood there is no one of my age except for dogs :) . My school is quite interesting though. Everyday I have some major adventure or a problem. The problem is communication. Teachers talk in English, some do not. Students talk in Hindi, some do not. I don't know when to transform to what form. For the adventures part- firstly, someone stole my sports bag on the first day of school and secondly, I registered myself for a Robowar (Part of "Panorama"- a Cultural Meet) going to be held in my school.
Another adventure- its summers, I live in the centre of north India and carry my jacket everyday with me to my coaching to prevent me from freezing. I know it sounds very ironical but I can't help it. Just because there is no A.C over my chemistry teacher's head, he switches on the 4 Central A.Cs in the hall to the max and unfortunately the A.Cs are right over OUR heads. 
Its too hot outside as I said, I can hardly play football for more than 15 minutes without water. Always I have IITK as a backup. Full of greenery and free from all the pollution of the city.Waiting for winters to come. It will be quite an adventure because last year the temperature almost reached zero degree celcius here. 
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Saturday, August 4, 2012


I have a way with dogs since a very long time. I love spending time with the street dogs which live near my house. I feed them a variety of left overs. From bread crumbs to chicken pieces. I tried PEDIGREE® once but they didn't like it because for what I think it was too good and healthy for them. I have lost numerous plastic bowls, (in which I give them milk with chapati) the reason being that after finishing their meal, these dogs find the plastic bowls worth chewing. I am particularly fond of one of the dog families because I had a good relationship with their ancestors. This family has two girls (boys, I thought earlier) and their mother. The father is still unknown which is not a surprising thing in their species.
His Mother Started barking when I uploaded this picture.

I think they are an american breed because they hardly eat chapatis (unless until it is mixed with Amul © milk). They eat bread as if they are born to eat bread. If you want to adopt these adorable dogs, contact Nishant Singh . These dogs come in a pair and can be bought for an affordable $1500. I hate those blood sucking insects which stick to their ears but I got a treatment for that. The main message of this blog was to be kind with animals because I have seen many rude people treating them as objects (specially two-wheelers).

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Thursday, July 26, 2012

Organic Chemistry.

"We are crazy because we have finished the whole organic chemistry"- Most chemistry teachers.
Ladies and gentlemen, presenting you the most boring, humongous and brain-eating topic ever - Organic chemistry. When I came to 11th grade, the only topic we could see and hear in chemistry was organic chemistry. It was not so boring at that time, but as time went past, things started to slip. If anybody saw us reading an organic chemistry book, one would think as if we are preparing for spelling bee. The reason being words like- the isomers, the metamers, the tautomers, the diasteriomers, the enantiomers, the conformers, the rotamers, the whatnotmers.

The one and only thing I like about organic chemistry is methane(CH4), simple and silly. Everyone's journey with organic chemistry starts with methane, so methane becomes like an old buddy. IUPAC is also irritating sometimes. Example - You spend an hour naming a complex compound, and in the end, you forget to remove the terminating vowel of the second last suffix (A rule in IUPAC).

The common mistake most of the people make while doing questions on organic chemistry is that they forget to consider chirality (pronounced "cheee- rallll - ity " by our chemistry teacher because he thinks it gives the rule some weight and respect), a property, in which if a carbon atom is connected to four different groups (carbon's valency being 4), then the same carbon compound can occur in two different forms. Usually people make this error while running out of time, because if you have time then you would sit and spend all your time checking with all the rules of IUPAC.

I hope it amused you all.

P.S - My fear is that, by the time organic chemistry finishes, even methane will have more than 100 isomers!

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Sunday, June 17, 2012

Slow Motion

What is Slow Motion?
Slow Motion is an effect in which time appears to be slowed down. Human eye is said to be capable of processing 10-12 separate images per second and as per Edison 46 FPS is minimum -"anything less will strain the human eye". The handy cams we use at home have a frame rate of around 50-60 whereas FPS of cameras used by professionals may go upto 10,000. Technically, you can make any video very slow by using video editing softwares but the problem comes with the FPS (frames per second). As you can figure out from the name- FPS, it is the number of frames or pictures taken by a video camera in 1 second. Having more number of FPS does not mean that the video will appear much slower. Lets take an example- suppose you have two videos, one shot using an ordinary video camera and the other using a camera which can take a large number, say 1000 frames per second. Now, using a video editing software, you make both the videos 100x slower than actual time, the video taken with the 1000 FPS camera will be extremely smooth showing even the fine details of the activity captured. For the ordinary camera, on the other hand, the slow motion will appear like a slideshow of pictures.

With What?

Sony Phantom Flex

For making any slow motion video, you need to have a high-speed camera. I know its very ironical to say high-speed cameras when you are dealing with slow motion but the name 'high-speed' comes from the large number of frames that it is taking in 1 second. The best in the business is the Sony Phantom Flex High Speed Camera. It can take up to stunning 2,000 FPS in HD and up to 10,000 FPS in 167x250.

The first problem comes with your budget. The Sony Phantom Flex mentioned above costs a handsome $150,000, in place of which you can buy a pretty fancy Mercedes-SUV. The second problem is a technical one, every single second of video taken from your high-speed camera shooting at HD will eat up 8 Gigabytes(GB) of your hard disk. It makes a lot of sense though, imagine your  high speed camera shooting at HD up to 2,000 FPS, so it will take 2,000 HD pictures in 1 second and that's what accounts for the 8 Gigabytes.

The Best 
The Slomoguys on Youtube are very popular in making slow motion videos.They also make advertisements and that's how they get their budget for their experiments and equipments. Slow motion is a tool to observe the nature more precisely and to know about things which our eye can not perceive in real time.

Thursday, May 31, 2012

The New IIT-JEE Pattern!

After a heated debate over the pattern of IIT-JEE, this week the pattern was changed following the orders of India's Human Resource Development minister Kapil Sibal. Under the proposed new format, a ranking list will be prepared based on Class XII results with 40 per cent weightage to normalised marks, 30 per cent to main test and 30 per cent to the advanced test (For NIIT's only).  Many of the IIT directors have discussed the details for the Advance test.  Lot of IIT senators were not happy with the decision. 

According to the new format proposed, there will be two exams on the same day namely the Main Test and the Advanced test. All the students will appear for both the exams. In the first test which will be AIEEE level  , 40% weightage will be given to the student's 12TH board result. Out of all the students writing the Advanced Test,  only 50,000 student's copies will be checked based upon there performance in the Main Test. Once you have cracked the Main test, the Advanced Test will be totally independent of all other criteria. Out of the selected 50,000 students writing the Advanced Test, the IIT's will give ranks to the top 10,000 students. 

This new pattern now puts more pressure on the students during their 12TH CLASS because they will have a huge syllabus to cover and will  have to not only prepare for competitions but also for their 12TH board examination. So you have two choices to do something about this...  either you study the 10TH  and 11TH portions thoroughly so that you don't have to come back on it while preparing for competitions or you rebel against Kapil Sibal, which a lot of people are already doing.